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We believe there is obvious value in organized and accessible information, great customer service, and the knowledge that you are getting the best rates and optimal services. That is why we help any business conquer their waste and recycling, and often do so without adding any monthly costs.

The Sequoia Advantage

Aligned Incentives

We want to lower your environmental footprint, without adding cost. We do so by intelligently servicing your building by sourcing the best local recycling providers. Our service is unlike anything a traditional hauler would adopt, who instead would look to charge you for a regular refuse pickup, or charge a premium for recycling services. You pay either way when you play in the the traditional hauler’s playpen.

Contract Review

Are you currently in a long term contract? Thats great! Most of our customers are when they join with us, but since we are not a waste provider, we are not competing for that business. We simply manage your waste and recycling, and can operate inside your existing contracts without an issue. This unique position allows us to advise and take action when we find there is an opportunity to save on monthly rates.

The Network Effect

We have direct access to thousands of haulers and recyclers, and a growing number of client locations throughout the country. That creates an opportunity to match our client’s materials to the best local service providers, which minimizes travel for recyclable material, reduces fees, and helps the local economy.

Reduced Time Commitment

Pretend it’s 10:00 A.M., and you have three emergencies to address before the end of the day. Turns out that your service provider missed a pickup, and trash will be overflowing by the close of business. Normally, this would take at least and hour to solve, and might delay your other responsibilities. With Sequoia Waste, you spend less than two or three minutes alerting us to the issue, and we take it from there.

Follow Up Requests

When you submit a service request, you shouldn’t have to follow up with a hauler’s customer service to check the status of your issue. Moreover, you shouldn’t need to check the dumpster on your way out of the office. With Sequoia Waste, we provide the latest in automated and configurable alerts about your service requests, and your entire service history is visible in your client portal.

Rate Monitoring and Negotiation

We regularly monitor customer rates, and use data to lower or eliminate fuel, environmental, and administration fees. Months down the road you may not even think about it, but we’re looking out for your best economic interests.

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